About our founder

SERENA aka Dr.SBSWICTS (Silly But Serious When it Comes to Science)

Gather around everyone and let us tell you a tale! Long, long ago (okay, maybe not that long) there was little girl named Serena whose head was filled with dreams of adventure and science. She was quite silly but took science VERY seriously!

I guess you could say Serena had science in her blood. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a teacher. She decided from a very early age to combine both of these and become a science teacher. But she knew she wouldn’t be just any kind of teacher. She wanted to make learning fun! Moving from the urban surroundings of her birthplace in Newark, New Jersey to rural Alabama only made her more certain of her calling. Growing up surrounded by nature, throughout her life Serena would continue to think of nature as the best teacher of them all.

Well our little adventurer grew and grew and eventually obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia State University. Finally, she was a science teacher! For over 25 years now, she has had the honor of educating thousands of children from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in numerous private, charter, and public schools in Atlanta, Virginia, and New York. She worked for 4 years for Georgia State Scholars & Leaders, was a lead teacher for 5 years for Mad Science of Atlanta, and worked for over 8 years in a joint home school, teaching science to students in grades Pre-K to 8th grade. She also holds a 7 year contract with Drew Charter After School Program. For five years she worked at Dekalb Academy of Technology & the Environment, where she was the Environmental Science teacher for 2 years as the S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) teacher. While she's been busy following her passion for science education, Serena didn’t forget her childhood love for adventure. She has traveled extensively to a variety of countries including Mexico, Venezuela, Malaysia, England, Canada, and Syria.

Most excitingly of all, in 2006 she started her own company called Science Creations after a strange experience. One day, Serena put on a white science lab coat and found herself transformed into a mad scientist named Dr. Sbswicts (Silly But Serious When It Comes To Science). Just as her name suggests, Dr. Sbswicts likes to have lots of fun but takes imparting the love of science VERY seriously!

Through Science Creations, Dr. Sbswicts has worked for over a decade to offer children of all backgrounds the opportunity to experience affordable edutainment (educational entertainment). Edutainment is her alternative learning approach to offering “hands-on, minds-on” science education. She trains Science and Education majors from area colleges to work with Science Creations. She also offers independent teacher training for elementary school teachers. Dr. Sbswicts and her team of scientists bring their unique hands-on teaching modules to in-school workshops, after school programs, day care centers, camps, educational birthday parties, and special events.

Now, Serena (aka Dr. Sbswicts) has made it her life’s mission to fill the next generations’ heads with dreams of science. And to live Science-ily Ever After!



Serena - So great to meet you at Science in the Rockies. Just got a chance to visit your website and love everything you’re doing!
— Steve Spangler, FOX TV