Summer Camp Shows

Summer Only (All shows are 1 hour group presentations!) 

 All camp shows are fun, interactive, educational, and exciting

Starting Price $150

Show #1: Honey Bee Presentation

  1. Honey Bee anatomy 
  2. Bee Keepers equipment and how it works 
  3. How honey is made 
  4. Why bees are so important
  5. Display case of REAL BEES!!! (DON’T WORRY IT’S SAFE!) 

Honey sticks will be given out to groups of 30 or smaller. 

Show #2: The Butterfly Show

In this show, campers will learn all about the changing world of butterflies! We will bring in real live LARVA, PUPA, AND ADULT BUTTERFLIES. Your campers will learn the life cycle of a butterfly and how they change. We will play a game to help campers understand the stages of metamorphosis, and learn about the wonderful migration of the Monarch Butterfly! At the end of the show we will allow our group to set a butterfly free, to help start the life cycle all over again!

Show #3: Up, Up and Away

In this exciting show your campers will learn all about AIR and how it keep things up! We will play a fun game with some of your campers, where they will act as contestants, and try to keep a ball up in the air without touching it. We will learn about Bernoulli's principles of flight: see our helicopter take flight & watch our scientist fly a drone. This awesome show will end with a Blast as we go outside and launch a Rocket that flies higher than 100 feet in the air! Come fly with us with our UP UP AND AWAY SHOW! 

Show #4: What's the Matter

This show is all about matter, and finding out what's all around us...Solids, Liquids, and Gas, that's what! Your scientist will do magic tricks, chemical reactions, physical changes, and chemical changes. Campers will learn all about matter, air, and pressure. We will make indoor clouds, colors that appear in thin air, and bubbles that turn into smoke! Campers will also make their own chemical reactions by making "ooey gooey silly putty slime" that they get to take home!

Show #5: Soap Making Presentation

Discover the excitement of Science with this wonderful hands-on soap making presentation! The presenter will make bath and body products with your campers during the presentation. Come experience a fun lesson in chemistry! In this chemistry project, campers will be the catalyst for chemical reactions by successfully completing every step in the process to create a stunning bath and body product, and will learn the importance of making all natural bath products. They will play with color and scent combinations, then make their very own bath and body product that they can keep! 


Show #6: Hydroponics Presentation

Each presentation will include a hands-on experience in building a simple hydroponic system. How to grow the plants from seeds, media needed to support the plants in the system, how to balance the water PH, and more will be shown.  A discussion will be given on how it can, and is, being used to feed hundreds, and how your child can grow food for your family.

If your center or organization would like to keep the working unit the kids build, there will be an additional cost. 
*Excluding the grow light, a kit can be purchased at a hydroponics store.

Show #7: Vermiculture (Worm Composting) Presentation

Each presentation will include the designing of a worm bin, filling it with organic matter, and the handling of worms. Your group will learn why worms are important in nature and in your compost, how to maintain your bin, and how to harvest your castings. There will also be an age-appropriate worm anatomy lesson. If you would like to keep the working compost for your organization or group, the cost will be an additional $32.00 (excluding worms). 


Science Creations is one of our staple programs at Camp Believers for over 5 years. Our campers are always excited and engage with the activities that are planned! We look forward to more “science” with Science Creations!
— Hajja Ameenah Sabree, Camp Believers Director