S.T.E.A.M. Kit backpack subjects & contents

Animals   Animal classification,  Vocabulary words Sorting and graphing Picture cards Outdoor exploration  


Animal classification, 
Vocabulary words
Sorting and graphing
Picture cards
Outdoor exploration

COLORS: $250

Primary colors vs. secondary colors
Investigate how a rainbow is created
Color mixing and other experiments
Exploration of rainbows using prisms
Chromotography experiment
Making a color wheel



Lifecycle flashcards
Making a model of a lifecycle
Lifecycle observation
Building/observing butterfly        
and mealworm habitats
Journal writing activities


PLANTS: $150

Identify parts of a plant
Functions of plant parts through experiments
Key vocabulary words
Learning symbiotic relationships
Building a container garden


How clouds are formed
Types of clouds: identification & modeling
The water cycle
Weather experiments
Making a tornado

rock ad pic.jpg


How electricity works
Purpose of electricity
How we use it in everyday life
Creating a simple circuit
Renewable and nonrenewable resources


What are rocks made of?
The difference between rocks & minerals
Picture cards
rock samples/ rock collection
Make a rock
Identifying minerals that we see & use everyday
The Rock Cycle


Safe substance mixing experiments
Making atoms and molecules
Chemical reactions
Magical investigations (Alchemy)



Anatomy of an insect
Identification of insects vs. arachnids
Building an insect
How insects help the environment
Building an insect habitat



Types of green energy
Picture cards
Making a model windmill
Why is green energy important
Your carbon footprint
Solar beads
Solar powered toys

Serena is a wonderful Teacher. She is able to take complex science concepts and make them easily digestible and break them down to where students can understand them in a fun and easy way! You will never be disappointed when hiring science creations for a workshop, show, or party!
— Principal Tunisia, Hidayah Academy